Democrat District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser is being slammed this week as a “Not-in-my-backyard” hypocrite after she complained about migrants using homeless shelters and other city services after Texas started busing them there. Bowser was calling the migrant situation a “significant” problem, like many Americans have been trying to tell Joe Biden’s White House administration about the Southern Border all along, and Bowser is suggesting that migrants are being “tricked” into getting on the buses to Washington. Pete Hegseth lead the charge of criticism against Bowser suggesting it was odd that the allegedly open-arms Democrat would be mad about helping migrants, but further suggested that this is what happens when Biden’s administration peels apart the policies former Donald Trump put in place.
WATCH Pete Hegseth TORCH Bowser:

Hegseth said the following:
“I’ve been wanting Greg Abbott to declare an invasion which gives constitutionally the state of Texas additional powers. And I downplayed what he was doing on busing illegals to D.C.; I think I was wrong on that… They’re not being tricked. They’re being asked. They’re volunteering to go to Washington, D.C. as a result. Now they’re flooded in swamp. And she’s admitting what we always knew about big city leftist elitists…” Hegseth suggested the Democrats don’t care where migrants go “as long as they’re in someone elses backyard, not ours.”
Hegseth further slammed Bowser, calling her out for double standards: “It’s one of the best examples we’ve seen yet of the complete double standard they live in. She just she said it on TV for us.”
Earlier this year Texas Gov. Greg Abbott began busing migrants to Washington. Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott, who sent truckloads of illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C. to relieve the pressure on local communities, said he is ready to flood Washington, D.C. with 10 times the previous number of buses to awaken Washington, D.C., to the stress border states are facing.
Abbott said the Biden administration didn’t appear to care about the thousands of illegal immigrants who crossed the southern border over the river instead of through ports of entry, then turned to the vehicles he’d already dispatched.
“We’re up to our 45th bus now; when you add a zero to that I think that Washington D.C. is going to soon find out they’re going to be dealing with the same consequences we’re dealing with,” he threatened.
“One thing we know for a fact is that there are maybe as many as 100,000 migrants who are across the border waiting to cross into Texas,” Abbot added. “The Biden administration seems to be letting in people whether they’re crossing through the port of entry or across the river.”
The drug gangs on the opposite side of the border, according to Abbot, encouraged illegals to cross a river rather than the ports of entry because it would keep the border patrol busy with them instead of the cartels and their shipments, as reported.
Then Abbott informed that illegal immigration was not just a Texas problem:
“Right now Texas has the largest number of people crossing the border. One thing we have found with the implementation of Operation Lonestar is it has shifted cartel activity to New Mexico to Arizona, to California. … With every day that Texas has success, it may mean failure for some other state. That means failure for the United States of America.”
“Results won’t be attained and achieved until we have a president who is willing to step up and enforce the rule of law,” he asserted. “Remember this: It was only a year and a half ago that we had the lowest amount of illegal immigration in decades. And then it only took a year and a half of the current administration to lead to the highest illegal immigration ever.”
Abbott said when asked if President Biden or his staff had reached out to him, “President Biden has never once even tried to contact me.”
“The czar for the border, Kamala Harris, has never once tried to contact me,” he continued.
“My last contact with [Homeland Security] Secretary Mayorkas was something like in February a year ago,” Abbott added. “They have no interest in talking to Texas or talking to leaders who are actually on the border. Remember Joe Biden himself has never even been to the border.”
“We are dealing with a crisis that is man-made by President Biden, who doesn’t want to take the time to even come to the border or talk to the governor of a border state,” he said.

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