Dem Gov admits there’s thousands of unused ventilators in NY

New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo has now admitted that his state has a “stockpile of unused ventilators” – all after he previously complained that the American government was not providing enough. This comes after President Donald Trump stated, on Twitter, that there was plenty of ventilators in New York not even being used.


Unsure of where Trump got his info from, but he said, “Thousand of Federal Government (delivered) Ventilators found in New York storage. N.Y. must distribute NOW!

Cuomo responded, according to Breitbart, saying, “Yes, they’re in a stockpile because that’s where they are supposed to be, because we don’t need them yet… We need them for the apex, the apex isn’t here, so we’re gathering them in a stockpile.”

Cuomo continued, saying “we don’t need them today, because we’re not at capacity today, that’s why they’re not deployed because they’re not needed.”

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However, Governor Cuomo has pressed on for needing more ventilators, despite not being at full capacity and using all that is available.

Cuomo possibly fears that his state will be hit by the illness a lot more than it already has, being one of the most affected states in the country. He could be simply trying to think ahead and make sure there’s enough in the event of a massive increase in people getting sick.

Cuomo is also responding to an idea that New York be quarantined in hopes to stop the spread from their hotbed of illness to other states.

Cuomo said that would cause “chaos and mayhem” while on CNN.

“If you start walling off areas all across the country, it would just be totally bizarre, counterproductive, anti-American, antisocial.”

Others might disagree. If anything, it could prevent the spread out of New York, allow those who are sick to recover, and slow the issue entirely.

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