Recently, the expression “Let’s Go Brandon” has come to imply “F*ck Joe Biden.” The caller who yelled the controversial phrase at Joe and Jill Biden as they were on the phone with kids following Santa’s flight on Christmas Eve claimed he was only trying to be funny. The remainder of the audience evidently thought the sentence was too vulgar.

Jared Schmeck, an Oregon citizen and electrician, told The Oregonian that he meant “no disrespect” to President Biden after the video went viral on social media and sparked controversy.

Schmeck underlined that he felt like his freedom of speech had been attacked, claiming that the phrase he blurted out was a joke. He added that he was aware of the meaning behind the sentence, but he still decided to say ‘Let’s go, Brandon.’ Schmeck did confess that he was frustrated with the current political situation, but he thought that this way of addressing the issue was appropriate and funny.

Editor commentary: It is very odd to see people upset about this after Donald Trump was insulted with vulgarities for four years, but Democrats are mad about a joke phone call.



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