Anyone else deal with this? You’re a beast getting 20-30+ kills and 2.0+ in Crucible, but as soon as Trials of Osiris comes around, you feel like the bottom smurf on a bad team playing control.

Why do I constantly do well at crucible, then literally have people knock on my door and hand my ass to me in Trials? I don’t get it. I run as a team, we call things out, and we work as a team, strategize, and do everything we can. We typically get to three and four wins, but that fifth win hasn’t graced my screen since the original Destiny where I went flawless a whole ONE time and wrapped it up with clutch kills as a Golden Gun.

Nowadays we get to that fourth win and play two or three straight teams of “sweaty” players who seriously cannot be this good that they literally never miss a shot. I am not going to accept this is possible. I been gaming way too long, and have lost many good battles, won a lot too – but this is ridiculous.

Most people would probably GIT GUD and normally, that’s the case. But if you’re half decent and always do well, then something ain’t right.

I know what it is now.

Y’all be cheating.

There is no way this is possible every single time when we have three good players who communicating and working together. It’s just too obvious at this point there is either a major skills gap and we probably do suck, but I’m not ruling out the possibility that some of these so-called “sweats” are probably using some sort of cheat to make these shots, because it honestly feels like they never miss and we get wiped out 0-5 in like ten minutes. I may as well be part of a four way T-Bag every Friday through Sunday, because that’s literally what it feels like when we’re just about to get win 5 – but of course, never do.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Tune in next week for my next edition of HOW TO BE AWFUL TRIALS!

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