Joe Biden’s biggest’ liability could be right in front of him: Conway (video)

Kellyanne Conway doesn’t hold back when it’s time for her to discuss President Joe Biden’s biggest potential liability.
WATCH NOW: Former Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway discusses President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ dwindling approval numbers on ‘Hannity.’


CNN’s Chris Cillizza suggested in a recent article that it’s been a very bad few days for President Joe Biden. Cillizza listed several problems for Biden and then suggested the following:

All of this comes as Biden is at or near his low ebb in terms of job approval during his term. In CNN’s latest poll of polls — an average of the last four national polls — Biden’s approval rating is at just 39% among Americans, with his disapproval at 55%.
In short: Biden didn’t have a lot of goodwill left with the public before this week. But the conflicting messages coming out of the White House — and the broader Democratic Party — make it look like there is no plan to turn things around in advance of the midterm elections, which are now just over 200 days off.
Perhaps in an attempt to address this sense of a lack of direction, Biden put out a series of tweets Wednesday morning blaming inflation on Covid-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine and urging Congress to take action. “I’ve called on Congress to move immediately to lower the cost of families’ utility bills, prescription drugs, and more — while lowering the deficit to reduce inflationary pressure,” Biden tweeted.
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