Rosa Flores, a CNN correspondent, has recently complained about taxpayers having to pay for the removal of illegal immigrants from border areas. Dozens of illegal immigrants were transported from Texas to Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington, D.C. Flores was reporting live from that location. Many of the immigrants Flores met with, she claimed, were “so excited and elated” because they received free transportation.

“These migrants do not have money. A lot of them are here for economic reasons. A lot of them do not have money to get out of the border area and into their destinations to their families across the country what the buses are doing, courtesy of the taxpayer is getting them closer to that destination,” Flores said.

“You know, Texas, for years, has focused on the enforcement, on the law enforcement on the border,” Flores said, noting Texas officials have focused “on filling in the gaps of security, where border patrol can’t because of surges at different points in time that we all covered. What has changed, and this is the interesting and fascinating part of this. What has changed is the cost. Who is paying for this?”

Flores claims that border patrol used to take migrants to respite centers, from which they spread over the nation, although in that case, they had to pay for their own transportation, said Daily Caller. “The migrants would pay for the bus tickets themselves. Their family members across the country would send them money to the border and pay for these bus tickets or plane tickets so It was coming from the pockets of the migrants or family members. What is different now is that the taxpayer is now paying for it. It’s being politicized. That’s what is different. That’s what we’re seeing across the border.”

Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas, delivered two buses full of illegal immigrants to Harris’ front door. The buses, which originated from Eagle Pass, Texas, carried 75 to 100 immigrants from Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Colombia. The administration had given Harris the job of addressing the “root causes of migration,” as it is anticipated that there will be more than two million encounters with migrants at the southern border in the fiscal year 2022.

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