Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton, said that Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News was founded mostly because of her family. Chelsea’s father was elected President of the United States in 1992, moved into the White House, and rapidly became a favorite target of mocking among many Americans, comedians, and politicians of opposing viewpoints.

The Clintons have remained a favored topic of Fox News since its 7 October 1996 debut. “We were the reason that Fox News was created. Because Rupert Murdoch recognized a great market opportunity,” Chelsea Clinton explained, as reported on Yahoo News.

The network, according to Ms. Clinton, is a potentially harmful factor when it comes to some topics that are based on science. “The right proved to themselves, ‘We can hit people with relentless misinformation and every night pipe into their homes to disbelieve scientists — what else could be possible?’ Today, with *****, it’s the same playbook,” she said.

Hillary Clinton called the news network’s influence “quite frustrating because they get away with it.” “The so-called mainstream media, even the so-called progressive media, is just not as relentless in rebutting, refuting, and making clear that this is nothing but a play for profits at the cost of truth,” she noted.

“It might have mattered if one of the other networks for ten days said, ‘Do you know one of the very first people to get vaccinated in the UK in December of 2020 was Rupert Murdoch? Did you know that Fox News requires all of their employees to be vaccinated?'” she explained.

Hillary continued by saying that influential people haven’t done enough to call out hypocrisy. “Tech companies, the rest of journalism, ordinary people with platforms, we haven’t done enough to point out the dangers, point out the falsehoods, point out the hypocrisy.”

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