Chuck Todd’s show removed from cable TV lineup, demoted to streaming service

Chuck Todd faced a demotion and will be taken off television and moved to a streaming service. Now “Meet the Press Daily” will become a broadcasting choice for viewers and will be renamed “Meet the Press Now.”


Reportedly to The Hollywood Reporter, Chuck’s “Meet the Press” will move from 1 p.m. EST television to 4 p.m. EST on the streaming service. According to the site, MSNBC is renaming the 1 p.m. hour as “MSNBC Reports,” with correspondent & anchor Chris Jansing leading the new show.

The change will take action on May 26, according to The Hill. According to the publication, the network also will begin publishing a podcast dubbed “Meet the Press NOW,” as reported.

According to THR, NBC News president Noah Oppenheim commented, “We’ve been dedicated to offering the finest of NBC News’ journalism, free, to streaming viewers globally since our debut.”

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Chuck was among the first broadcast reporters to see the enormous potential of streaming, and adding Meet the Press’ daily brand to NBC News NOW further solidifies the platform’s position as the go-to source for streaming news.”

Per the TV Insider, NBC News NOW debuted in 2019 with live exclusive content. According to an NBC News news release, the streaming service has an average monthly attendance of 60 million video views and nearly 20 million hours viewed.

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