Chris Pratt’s new thriller series, “The Terminal List” on Amazon Prime, was heavily criticized by leftists despite taking a big leap on the list of most-streamed shows in the United States. Pratt’s US Navy Seal role in “The Terminal List” amassed a staggering 1.6 billion minutes of streaming on Amazon Prime between July 4 and July 10, the show’s first full week on the platform following its July 1 debut. Despite the show’s popularity among fans, the thrilling military series was panned by liberal critics.

WATCH the retired Navy SEAL rip the woke critics:

Daniel Fienberg, a writer for The Hollywood Reporter, said the series was ‘the entertainment equivalent of a charred hockey puck, with the same limited range of flavor and aesthetics.’  Rotten Tomatoes showed the series a poor 40/100 among critics but an astonishing 94/100 from spectators. The website rates movies based on reviews from viewers and critics.

But the reactions of those who watched the series were completely different, with some calling it ‘great’ and ‘excellent,’ while another said, ‘critics as usual got this one wrong.’ Something similar happened with a drama show named Yellowstone, which was derided by critics but garnered millions of viewers to become the most viewed TV program in America. The audience seems to love the cowboy drama starring Kevin Costner. Critics named it ‘anti-woke,’ but Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone became an instant hit, as stated on Daily Mail. Despite drawing more than 10 million viewers, it was not as successful within the Hollywood industry and was frequently overlooked at awards shows.

The author of The Terminal List book, which served as an inspiration for the series, discussed the discrepancy in Tucker Carlson’s Tonight show. He said, ‘It seems to have triggered quite a few of these critics.’ ‘We didn’t make it for the critics. We made it for those in the arena. We made it for the soldier, sailor, airman and Marine that went downrange to Iraq and Afghanistan,’ Carr, an ex-Navy Seal, noted.

Chris Pratt, who starred in Jurassic World and Marvel’s The Terminal List, has never discussed his political ideas publicly, but he has recently come under scrutiny for them. Pratt, a devoted Christian, came under fire for his beliefs when transgender actor Elliot Page claimed that the Hillsong Church in Los Angeles was “anti-LGBTQ.” ‘Nothing could be further from the truth,’, Pratt argued passionately, adding, ‘I go to a church that opens their doors to absolutely everyone.’ Although Pratt never publicly expressed his support for former President Donald Trump and allegedly donated to Barack Obama’s campaign in 2012, many people used the incident to infer that he was Trump’s fan.

The Netflix tale ‘Stranger Things’ outperformed the competition with 4.8 billion minutes of watching, thus surpassing the show by a wide margin. However, the data reveals a significant decrease for the show of over a billion minutes, as 5.9 billion minutes had been spent watching it the week before. The Netflix series “The Umbrella Academy,” starring Page, came in third on the list with 1.3 billion minutes of viewers over that time frame.

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