In his new devotional series “Mission Possible,” Tim Tebow shared his wisdom for remaining diligent with faith during dark times. Tebow opened up about his message of answering God’s calling. On a recent episode of “One Nation” with Brian Kilmeade, Tebow said that his mission is a lot of things. He said that the key to navigating difficult times with no end in sight is remembering your purpose and stepping out of your comfort zone to grow.

“Number one, it’s to encourage people that they have a mission, that they’re here on purpose for a purpose. It’s to encourage them that we don’t have to waste it, that we get to live it out,” the former Heisman trophy winner said.

He then went on saying that we know that we have a purpose and that we know we were created on purpose when we know there are good things for us to do when we can impact people when we can love, we can serve, we can give that we can focus our mind every day on a mission mindset, and that can change everything around us to happen.

This discussion was followed by Kilmeade comparing Tebow to actor Chris Pratt, said a report on Fox News. The reason why the host did this is because the actor faced criticism for being open about faith in similar ways. Tebow then said that navigating criticism against himself boiled down to breaking ties with his people-pleasing habits. Tebow said that he heard of Chris’s share and that they are friends with some of the same people.

“I think that when you do stand for something, you will get criticized, but I ultimately believe that when you believe you’re standing for what’s right and what is true and sustaining to try to honor God, even though all of us fall short. I still think that it’s worthy, and it’s worth it,” Tebow explained.

The main goal for Tebow is to encourage listeners with 2-5 minute devotionals that inspire them to challenge and change their mindset.

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