HarperCollins announced that they will no longer be publishing Chris Cuomo’s book, while CNN said it would not pay Cuomo severance. So these are two big financial losses for the former anchor star in a short time.

Cuomo’s book, Deep Denial, was supposed to be published in the fall of 2022, as per his original agreement with HarperCollins, but a spokesperson for an imprint of the publishing house said that they ‘do not intend to publish the book.’

The broken deal issue comes right with another financial trouble for Cuomo, as The Wall Street Journal reports that CNN employees have been informed by president Jeff Zucker that the network company would not pay out severance to their former anchor.

Cuomo was fired from CNN after documents revealed the extent to which he advised and assisted his brother Andrew Cuomo’s fight against allegations of misconduct.

Chris is also facing an allegation of harassment, but the Cuomo brothers have both denied those allegations.

These were probably two big hits on Cuomo’s pocket in just one day.

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