CeeDee Lamb fined ridiculous amounts of money for having socks too low, jersey untucked

CeeDee Lamb has had a troublesome season in the NFL when it comes to fines and his uniform. The Dallas Cowboys receiver has racked up fines for the awful offenses regarding the uniform rules and they are literally the most ridiculous thing ever.


Lamb was penalized for having his socks way too low ($5,150) at one point. Adam Schefter from ESPN reports that the league didn’t stop there, but dished out two more fines for having an untucked jersey ($20,600). A third similar violation could go up to a staggering fine of $46,350.


He was also fined $10,300 for mocking the New England Patriots at the end of his game-winning touchdown in overtime in Week 6.

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The 22-year-old has already paid a $10,815.15 in-game fine for a bad block at the beginning of this month. So as of now, Cee Dee Lamb has been fined at least $46,865.

Although the rules might seem absurd, Lamb may want to tuck his shirt in or get fined again. Sounds silly considering these guys literally grab jerseys and tackle people.


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