This is not the first time the mainstream media has been called out for doing something like this.  CBS News is being accused of using footage from an Italian hospital while covering the situation in NYC. The evidence of this is proven when CBS aired a scene from a hospital in Italy, part of a video that was featured on Sky News, and did so while they were in the middle of a segment about New York City.

This gives the audience a different view of what’s going on in NYC compared to Italy.

It’s also very irresponsible to use footage from an area on the other side of the planet for use in displaying what NYC looks like.

Keep in mind there are plenty of patients in NYC, so getting access to film or photograph might have been granted – or maybe it would not.

Despite the situation with the press and hospitals and any privacy rules that may be in place, CBS is getting grilled on social media for using foreign footage to depict an American story.

Here is the video from Sky News:

Here is the video from CBS News:

Readers can see the same room with patients on what appears to be ventilators.

The footage from Italy should not be used during a segment about NYC because it does not portray the most accurate representation.

The only way that footage could have been responsibly used is if they added a caption to it and stated that it was specifically located in Italy, at which point it wouldn’t make sense based on this current context of their program.

Yet again, another example of the mainstream media acting irresponsibly and adding to the level of distrust from the general public.

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