Carson Wentz shovel pass interception

I’m an Eagles fan who couldn’t stand Carson Wentz, so this video of his shovel pass being picked off in the red zone just tickled my funny bone better than my proctologist ever could dream of.


Carson drops back and shovels it, aiming for Jack Doyle, but flubs it and gets picked off by the Rams Troy Reeder. This couldn’t happen to a better quarterback who’s been nothing but a KING for Philadelphia where the fans loved him. Wait, that was Nick Foles, my bad.


This is where we tilt our heads back and laugh. Even Fox Sports was like OOF!!!!

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I’ll take Jalen Hurts over this any day of the week. We might have dropped one to the 49ers, but we’re on the right track without all the “me me me” nonsense our Philly fans can’t stand.

Carson Wentz getting a shovel pass intercepted is like Ben Simmons passing the ball instead of dunking in the playoffs. And guess what? Philly is shipping him out too.

Ben Simmons is the only NBA all star I’ve ever seen who can’t even shoot the ball. How do you get this far in the NBA and can’t shoot? I can’t either, should I be an all star next year? Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!

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