Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin have recently found themselves amid the social media drama. Bure and Sweetin became famous for their roles in the late 1980s sitcom “Full House.” The sitcom starred two sisters and aired for eight seasons. Bure, 46, and Sweeting, 40, were close friends until recently.

Cameron unfollowed Sweetin on Instagram because Sweetin defended JoJo Siwa’s controversial view on traditional marriage. Bure faced criticism for remarks she made in an interview that she was switching networks to concentrate on shows that emphasize traditional marriage. Bure is known for being a devout Christian.

In response, Siwa, 19, uploaded a screenshot of an article and expressed shock at Bure’s statements. She published a post on Instagram where she expressed her rage about Bure excluding LGBTQIA+ and was brazen enough to talk about that openly. Siwa described the interview as hurtful and rude, reported Page Six.

Sweetin left a comment below Siwa’s post, expressing her love, and many people saw that as a betrayal. The “Christmas Town” actress responded to the criticism with a statement in which she defended her comments and accused the media of presenting her inaccurately.

Bure is a well-known American television personality, producer, author, and actress. She is most recognized for her appearances as D.J. Tanner on Full House and the title character in several Hallmark Channel original productions, which are adaptations of the Aurora Teagarden book series.

Sweetin is a television personality and actress. She is best known for portraying Stephanie Tanner in the ABC comedy series Full House and its Netflix spin-off Fuller House.

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