Call of Duty staffers planning a walkout after recent firings

Raven Software employees who worked on Call of Duty: Warzone organized a walkout. Twelve Raven Software Quality Assurance testers were fired, prompting the walkout.


Raven Software members detailed the layoffs of QA testers on December 3rd in a statement to the press. According to their statement, the Raven Software team’s reaction is one of betrayal and rage directed at Activision. The message outlined the department’s current status, which included a lack of promotions or raises dating back to March.

Austin O’Brien, software associate community manager in Raven, tweeted about the situation, saying that his coworkers in QA were promised that Activision was working on a pay restructure to raise their wages.

The promise of higher salaries started looking like a lie when layoffs began.

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The layoffs came at the time of Call of Duty: Warzone latest update. The game currently earns $5.2 million every day. Activision’s financial statement records an earning over $2 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021.

It is not fair to string people along, promising something, and then fire them, O’Brien concludes.

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