Cali Sheriff cheered for defending single moms and business owners

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His name is Sheriff Chad Bianco and he received quite a few cheers after giving a short but strong speech about protecting single moms, business owners, and healthy individuals amid the pandemic.

Bianco has decided that he will not enforce anything that makes either of the three types of people previously listed into a criminal simply because they are out and about or trying to work.

During his speech to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, he told them that he simply refuses to make a criminal out of those people “for exercising their constitutional rights.”

This might technically be in defiance to Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s order for residents to stay at home and some non-essential businesses to remain shuttered. With all that going on, Sheriff Bianco does not believe it’s honorable to make people who simply want to work, so they can pay their bills and not lose everything they’ve worked for, into criminals.

One example, in another state, saw a salon owner open several days earlier than she may have been supposed to. She was warned by police not to do it. She did it. She was then arrested and placed in jail and fined. It wasn’t until later that the Texas AG deemed the jail-time unnecessary and demanded her release.

The salon owner’s name is Shelley Luther and her story was reported on yesterday. In a fortunate twist of events, someone set up a Go Fund Me for her and it’s now over $500,000.

Her story, the sheriff’s story, and many others just like it may slowly develop as the lock-downs continue. However, many states and cities are already beginning to open their economy in stages. But keep in mind, every city and state is different and not every location is on the same schedule.

If you’d like to watch Sheriff Bianco’s story, then take a look below.

Cali Sheriff cheered for defending single moms and business owners

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