Fans want a Cayde-6 tribute, but does Bungie even care?

Bungie killed Cayde-6 back in 2018 and left us with a coupon for ramen. As we get closer to the release of Beyond Light, we learn that his ramen coupon will be gone, ghost, goodbye. It’s like they’re literally killing Cayde-6 again. And let’s not forget, he was the only character who was actually kinda cool.

The rest are sometimes a bit forgettable when you’re hitting the same cookie cutter events and grinding the same strikes for mediocre rewards.

Fans now want a permanent tribute to the witty character as part of a way to keep Cayde-6’s spirit alive. However, Bungie hasn’t hinted at any sort of tribute that would last any longer than the expiring ramen coupon.

So we need to ask – does Bungie care at all about Cayde-6? What about the fans? You know, the reason Bungie still has money to develop this game. The players who grind out for everything, rush to beat a raid, spend all this time and money on the game and they take our Cayde away.

Bungie is just some stone cold heart breakers, aren’t they?

ramen cayde

Frank Bojazi
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