Conservative student hid in bathroom to avoid leftist group berating Allen West (video)

After a group of irate student protestors disrupted an event featuring conservative guest Allen West, a conservative student at the University of Buffalo claims she was forced to hide in a men’s toilet.


WATCH the leftist mob berate conservatives, Allen West get escorted out by police:

Therese Purcell, the head of the University of Buffalo’s conservative student club Young Americans for Freedom, helped organize a campus speech by West last week that descended into mayhem after a handful of student protestors disrupted it.

Purcell said she ran to the men’s toilet because she was afraid for her life. West had to be escorted out of the lecture hall by police, as stated on a report.

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“They were a really furious crowd,” Purcell said on Fox News on Monday, “and they were plainly shouting that they were attempting to follow me because they wanted to catch me.” “If I hadn’t been able to hide from them, I’m frightened of what might have occurred.”

Young America’s Foundation, a nonprofit group that promotes conservative values among students, sponsored the event. The students’ reaction, according to YAF, is proof that conservative speakers are needed.

“This horrible attack on conservative students demonstrates why YAF’s campus talks are so important––to burst the leftist bubble and reveal the intolerant Left’s terrible reality,” YAF spokesperson Kara Zupkus said on the organization’s website.

According to YAF, West’s speech went over without a problem, but the atmosphere became violent during a Q&A time, during which student demonstrators insulted West and attempted to seize the audience’s microphone.

Purcell said she didn’t expect West’s “America Is Not Racist” talk to be controversial.

“I didn’t anticipate it would be that contentious… to declare on an American school that American ideals are a wonderful thing,” she explained. “The values of the United States are worth defending. They don’t like Col. West’s message that he was a victim of racism, but that he overcame it and determined not to be a victim… and that America provided him the opportunities that few other countries would do.”

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