Bud Light is learning a really harsh lesson in the ‘go woke, go broke’ category and it’s all thanks to a repulsive partnership with a man named Dylan Mulvaney who mocks women by dressing up like one and prancing around on camera in hopes to get partnerships – or steal jobs from real women.

Bud Light sales have continued to DROP for the 5th week in a row according to retail data from Bump Williams Consulting and NielsenIQ. Their statistics indicate sales have dropped 23.6% compared to a similar time last year when Bud Light wasn’t insulting their customer-base by teaming up with a guy dressed like a woman.

Daily Wire reported on the losses, saying the following in a news article:

Other brands marketed by Anheuser-Busch, the multinational conglomerate which owns Bud Light, have also experienced massive declines during the weeks ended April 29 and May 6: Budweiser sales have respectively fallen 11.4% and 9.7%, Michelob Ultra sales have fallen 4.3% and 2.9%, and Natural Light sales have fallen 5.2% and 2.5%.

Natural Light is a very cheap beverage and it’s a bad sign if that brand of drink is crashing in sales, instead of cashing them. People who are disturbed by the horrible marketing choice are not only boycotting Bud Light, but they’re boycotting other beverages made by Anheuser-Busch too. Bump Williams had more information according to Daily Wire’s report:

Bump Williams, the chief executive of the consulting firm, said in an interview with the New York Post, which exclusively obtained the data, that the company is “running out of time to fix the problem as the summer selling season unofficially started last weekend and Memorial Day is in two weeks.” Anheuser-Busch met with distributors last week to discuss strategies for responding to the backlash, which may include a redesign of Bud Light and Budweiser aluminum bottles.

Williams remarked that weekly declines for Bud Light have “started to settle” in the negative 20% range and said that the typical Bud Light drinker is still “waiting for a genuine and sincere apology” from Anheuser-Busch, as well as a “crystal clear communication on exactly what happened.”

If a company is selling a product in the negative 20% range, then that company has to accept the fact that they messed up big time in marketing. When people think of Bud Light, they think of sports fans, college parties, people having drinks at happy hour. They don’t think of transgenders. Pretty much no one does, so for any company to partner with a transgender person – they are making a terrible mistake. Most people in America and across the globe do not want anything to do with men dressed like women on their products. It’s bad for society and those people should never be on any advertising for any products. How do you explain to a child that an ugly 6-foot man in a dress who demands to be called a woman and go in the ladies bathroom is STILL A MAN?

This nonsense has gone too far and if Bud Light never recovers from this mistake, then good.

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