Curt Schilling, a 2001 World Series MVP pitcher, is clearly fine with Brittney Griner’s detention in Russia dragging on. The former MLB star said on that he thinks the WNBA player Brittney Griner should “pay the penalty for breaking another country’s laws” as a response to LeBron James’ call to release Griner. Schilling posted the controversial statement on his Twitter page. He also said, quoting LeBron James’ comments about BG’s situation, that the Phoenix Mercury center should also “pay the penalty” for Griner’s actions.

Schilling said on Twitter: “I know this may seem like a stretch. But something like 300 million people understand “OBEY THE F**KING LAW”, why is that such a challenge? And why on earth should she NOT pay the penalty for breaking another country’s laws?

Griner has been held in a cell in Russia since mid-February, after authorities claimed to have found hash oil in her luggage at a Moscow airport. During a court hearing on the case earlier this month in Moscow, Griner pleaded guilty to the charges saying to a judge at the time that she “didn’t want to break the law.”

Schilling obviously thinks her plea and later statements justify her staying behind bars for as long as Russia deems appropriate.

“She, as far as I know from every quote of hers,” Schilling said, “has NEVER denied committing the crime, not once.”

Schilling, a 55-year-old former MLB star pitcher, went on to blame Griner for her plight.

“You do understand she was arrested going INTO Russia right?” he asked. “Where, and they warn athletes every single year, you don’t f**k around.”

Another respondent stated that Griner had only small amounts of cannabis and that the penalty should have been a fine, not jail time.

“Really? Are you quoting American law here? You aren’t are you?” Schilling asked. “Because she was arrested in Russia after breaking Russian law. Corrupt ass country but they (American athletes) are always lectured about ‘when in Rome do as Romans do’. This wasn’t her 1st go around with customs.”

The U.S. government, meanwhile, has listed Griner as “wrongfully detained” and is negotiating with Russia to have her returned home.

The imprisonment of Griner comes at a time of poor relations between Russia and the U.S. While Russia expand its invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. provides financial support to Ukraine. Russian state media have reported on a prisoner exchange involving Griner and an arms dealer named Viktor Bout, whose nickname is the “merchant of death.”

Brittney Griner, a seven-time WNBA All-Star and two-time WNBA Defensive Player of the Year, has pleaded guilty to drug charges in Russia. She has been detained in Russia’s capital city since her arrest in February at the international airport Sheremetyevo. Griner, 31, is on trial for “large-scale transportation of drugs, an offense punishable by up to 10 years in prison in Russia,” according to the New York Times.

An overwhelming amount of people on social media hope Brittney Griner stays in a Russian prison because she once complained about the National Anthem, so at least she doesn’t have to hear that every day over in Moscow.

Some folks who support the WNBA (not very many, barely anyone, because that league isn’t fun to watch) are hoping for Brittney Griner to come home, but she pleaded guilty so she’s technically a criminal and has to play by Russia’s rules.

Antony Blinken responded to Griner’s sentencing, but it didn’t offer much insight or value.

Editor’s Note: Professional athletes are told what to expect when traveling to other countries and even other states – each area can have different laws and athletes are expected to act professionally and FOLLOW THE LAWS or they face consequences. Being locked up in Russia is Brittney Griner’s consequence.

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