Brainwashed Boulevard: Gutfeld torches TikTok leftists influencing children (video)

‘Gutfeld!’ panelists weigh in on TikTok and its influence on kids and gender identity.


WATCH Gutfeld’s video:

There has been numerous TikTok users preaching about gender identity on the video platform and the content is available to children. There have also been leftist teachers using the platform to talk about their s-xual identity and mentioning how they talk to their students about it, with some of the students being as young as kindergarten age, which is 5-years-old in most states.

Back in December, this issue was talked about on an article by Daily Mail, which started off saying: “Campaigners have accused TikTok of helping children to be ‘brainwashed’ by hosting viral social-media videos that promote changing sex as ‘cool’.

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Material posted by transgender influencers on the social networking service – in which they provide advice on transitioning and accessing hormone therapies – has been seen by millions of young viewers.

Some parents are concerned the involvement of TikTok, which became the UK’s most downloaded app last year, is fueling a ‘social contagion’ of pressure on impressionable youngsters and the rise in teenagers who are identifying as trans.”

Many parents consider this content to be inappropriate and brainwashing to children who can be easily influenced at a young age.

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