President Donald Trump signed a $2.2 trillion relief bill for America. It’s giving people $1,200 while other places, many of them deemed very questionable, are receiving millions and people aren’t really sure why.

Brent Bozell of Media Research Center posted a message that, if true, makes the relief bill that Trump signed appear even more appalling than we thought.

As many people are aware, a single one time check of $1,200 will barely cover rent and utilities, let alone living expenses for many people who live in locations where the rent is much higher.

Now that President Trump extended the social distance guidelines and places are staying closed for another month, the people who work check-to-check are going to struggle mightily. Even if they have savings, it won’t be much because they are check-to-check Americans. Not everyone in our country is wealthy. Not everyone gets paid to work at home because some jobs can’t be worked from home.

Americans who are being forced to stay home are receiving a breadcrumb’s worth of this relief bill, and anyone who thinks a petty $1200 check when you’re FORCED to stay home from work, is clearly not thinking right.

Bozell’s message shines a light on what else Americans are not getting. If these numbers add up, then that relief bill that Trump signed is a bigger bag of malarkey than Joe Biden’s tour bus and scrambled-egg brain.

Bozell said, “PBS/NPR took $75M from the emergency $2 trillion bill. This is what America did NOT get because of PBS/NPR: 300,000 Covid-19 test kits 4,166 ventilators 21,428 hospital beds 192,307,692 masks 357,483,318 pairs of medical gloves 12,500,000 bottles of hand sanitizers.”

Sounds like that would have been more useful to the everyday American.

Close. Not all the employees were fired. Just the musicians were told next week is their last paycheck. Still, what was the purpose of relief in that amount if they’re not providing relief to the soul of their existence?

I don’t mind them receiving funding if it’s going directly to their employees, but do they need this much? The employees will likely be receiving their paltry $1200 check too.

Why does the government need to send this much for NPR? Surely they don’t need it.

As one of the top ranked websites in the world, according to Alexa, they could generate revenue with advertising like most of the other websites in the world.

If NPR did that, and took less funding, that money could go back into the country and hands of Americans.

Sure, the logistics might be a mess, but there has to be someone intelligent enough in America to figure this out and make sure Americans are taken care of, not big wealthy companies who will most likely be just fine after a month of social distancing.

But you know the neighbor down the street who works 60 hours just to pay $1500 in rent?

What happens to them?

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