Bongino accuses Joe Biden of campaigning on ‘destroying’ the domestic oil industry

The ‘Unfiltered’ host Dan Bongino accuses President Joe Biden for campaigning on ‘destroying’ the domestic oil industry, and says Biden’s administration is following through on it.


WATCH the video:


In a recent NY Times report, they stated the following about Joe Biden and how the problems we’re seeing today, mainly with prices at the gas pump, could be tied to Russia’s Putin.

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That article stated:

WASHINGTON — The price of gasoline has risen every day since Russia invaded Ukraine. Record-high inflation in the United States is causing sticker shock. And now, President Biden is blaming the pinch on Vladimir V. Putin, the Russian president.

“There will be costs at home as we impose crippling sanctions in response to Putin’s unprovoked war,” Mr. Biden said in a statement on Thursday.

But should we be blaming Putin or blaming Biden? What if Joe Biden was a tougher leader who put fear into Putin and prevented Putin from making drastic moves like invading Ukraine? Putin didn’t pull this nonsense when Trump was president – was there a reason for that?

Costs at home are hitting us where it counts, in the wallet. It’s like we are paying for the mistakes of world leadership.

The president is betting that Americans are willing to endure the financial pain that comes from waging an economic war with Russia. But Thursday’s news that inflation has hit a 40-year high is another blunt reminder of just how much he is asking voters to sacrifice in an election year.

With the midterm elections eight months away, the urgent political question for Mr. Biden is whether the American people are prepared to go along with blaming the Russians, and not him, for rising costs. Experts have said that prices have risen over the past year primarily because strong demand, stoked in part by government relief spending, outstripped pandemic-disrupted supply. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is just beginning to compound the problem.

No we are not willing to endure this financial punishment at the cost of failed leadership who can’t get all their ducks in a row. American’s shouldn’t be punished in the wallet for this, and there needs to be a bigger and better solution that gets us out of this economic turmoil.

We simply cannot accept Joe Biden’s leadership.

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