Bojazi: Another spoiled overpaid athlete has ‘Punk’ fans kicked out for heckling


Denver Nuggets guard Austin Rivers signed a one-year deal worth $2,401,537 and he’s really earning all of it by calling fans punks and having some of them kicked out for heckling during a game.


The fans were making fun of him and his family and Rivers couldn’t take it. Even getting paid over $2 million a year to throw a ball in a hoop during a physical battle, but he couldn’t handle a few rude and ignorant fans talking trash so bad that Rivers had to get the ref involved and threaten to slap them if the ref didn’t eject the fans first.

If there’s anything we learned from this, it’s that overpaid athletes have turned petty and weak-minded. If you can’t handle some fans talking trash, no matter what they’re saying, then get off the court.

Maybe Austin Rivers, who’s 29, is just a nobody in the league and he’s copying what weakling LeBron James was doing when he got fans booted for talking about his family.

If I was getting paid $2,401,537 for one year to play some basketball, then you know what I would do? I would shut up and dribble, then I’d shoot a few hoops – clearly more than Ben Simmons ever does, and I’d enjoy my life.

If some fans who pay tons of ridiculous money to watch me play want to say horrible things, then go ahead! Have fun with that and I’ll be over here enjoying my paycheck to play a kid’s game.

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If you asked me, I’d say guys like LeBron James and Austin Rivers are an embarrassment to the NBA and being a man in general.

Grow a spine and talk to me when you do.

WATCH Austin Rivers act like a whiner:


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