BLM defends buying $6 million mansion; ‘The Five’ have best reaction (video)

Black Lives Matter was called out and tried defending the group’s hidden purchase of a posh $5.8 million Southern California mansion with donated cash, promising to “improve openness” but still offering little data about the eye-catching purchase.


WATCH The Five have best reaction on video:

“Recent rumors concerning the acquisition of Creator’s House in California have raised a lot of worries,” BLM tweeted Monday on its official Twitter account.

“Despite previous efforts, BLMGNF realizes that more work has to be done to promote openness and guarantee clear leadership transitions,” the left-wing social justice organization wrote, turning off replies to its tweets, as reported.

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According to New York magazine, the spacious 6,500-square-foot Studio City component which includes seven bedrooms, seven restrooms, a sound stage, music studio, hot tub, and parking for much more than 20 cars was discreetly purchased by a shell corporation linked to Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation in Oct. 2020.

According to the shocking story, the troubled group utilized a portion of its $90 million fundraising windfall to acquire the opulent digs.

Dyane Pascall, a local real estate entrepreneur with ties to BLM, acquired the SoCal house in a deal that concluded on Oct. 27, 2020, according to property documents obtained by The Post.

According to records, it was sold for $5.8 million to a Delaware L.L.C. managed by the foundation a few days later.

On the first anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, three BLM activists co-founder Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, as well as Melina Abdullah shot a video outside the “secretly bought” home.

Cullors claimed she was in “survival mode” after Post’s original article in April disclosed her $3.2 million purchase of four high-end US homes. Cullors and her coworkers, on the other hand, were tight-lipped about the opulent property shown behind them in the footage.

Last Tuesday, Cullors lambasted a New York magazine piece on Instagram, calling it a “despicable misuse of a medium that’s supposed to give public information.”

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