Bill and Hillary Clinton cast electoral votes for Joe Biden

Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton cast the first formal ballots for the Electoral College in New York. The famous political pair shared support for President-elect Joe Biden and his choice for Vice President, Kamala Harris.


There are 29 state electors in New York’s state Capitol to cast their votes and participate in their duty to carry out the constitution.

The masked Clintons walked up to cast their ballots and drop their votes in the box, as seen on video below.


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Today’s electoral will all but seal the fate for President Donald Trump’s hopes for reelection. Despite putting forth legal efforts in multiple states, the electoral vote has continued and if it rules in Joe Biden’s favor, as many expect it will, then Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

President Trump lost the popular vote and electoral college vote to Joe Biden, but claims it was rigged or stolen and has not yet conceded. None of his legal efforts have put a stop to the electoral college voting today.

However, Trump has hinted at making a run in 2024, indicated that he may have to accept the results of the election.

In perspective, Trump lost New York by just around 2 million votes, thus securing the electoral votes fairly easily.

Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo was next in line after the Clintons. Several mayors followed after.

Cuomo himself is in the midst of scandal and allegations from a former worker.

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