Bill Clinton was spotted next to Dr. Ruth during a Serena Williams tennis match. While Serena was the star to be watched, Clinton caught everyone’s attention due to his interesting company. Namely, the 76-year-old politician was accompanied by Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a therapist who focuses on, well, you know what. A 94-year-old therapist and ton Clinton engaged in extensive conversation during the game, frequently chuckling, joking, and nodding to one another. Dr. Ruth appeared to playfully slap Clinton on the face at one point.

“Who knows what they’re talking about?” said ESPN analyst and ex-tennis player John McEnroe as the camera first moved to the pair. Chris Evert, a co-analyst and former tennis player, tried to comprehend their talk “Look at these two, they’re really involved in some sort of … She’s giving him advice… She is advising him” Evert said. “She just gave him advice. Yep, ‘You shouldn’t be doing that.” “Why is his face getting redder?” McEnroe said, according to People.

Pictures of these two friends date back to 1991, two years before Clinton’s first term as president, though little is known about their friendship. The Middletown Press claims that Clinton, who was a governor during that time, was encouraged to run for president by the sex therapist.

Their disparity in height constantly shines up in photographs: Dr. Ruth is only 4’7″ tall, whereas the former president is 6’2.” The longtime friends very briefly appeared on screen, but the internet was blazing with speculation about what they could possibly be discussing.

“Bill Clinton and Dr Ruth sitting together at the #USOpen is a million times more entertaining than tennis,” one Twitter post said. Another posted, “The guest situation at the #USOpen is absolutely UNHINGED,” alluding to another peculiar seating arrangement in the crowd: boxer Mike Tyson next to tennis legend Martina Navratilova, who was holding a dog.

A-list celebrities, including Bella Hadid, Spike Lee, Queen Latifah, and others, were in the audience supporting Williams. The six-time US Open champion, who revealed last month that she was “evolving away from tennis,” wowed a sold-out arena at the US Open as she overcame Danka Kovinic from Montenegro. The No. 2 seed from Estonia, Anett Kontaveit, will play against Williams in the second round.

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