President Joe Biden’s State Department has suffered a pronoun glitch that has embarrassed America even more. Some emails were being assigned the wrong pronouns, accidentally labeling men as women and vice versa. Of course, everyone knows men can’t be women and women can’t be men, but in today’s era of woke nonsense, some of us are wondering if this was really a glitch or not. Either way, the circus act called the Joe Biden White House continues to put on an embarrassing show for the rest of the planet.

Washington Free Beacon read some internal emails that were sent to them and the State Department was messing up people’s pronouns in emails. The State Department referred to it as a “pronoun glitch” but many of us are very weary of that, with a little bit of thinking it may have been intentional – but of course, no way for any of us to prove it. It’s just an idea, but for now we’ll refer to it as a glitch as well.

The State Department employees noticed a sudden change in their emails, with random pronouns such as “She/her/hers” and “He/Him/His” appearing in the “from” line. The pronouns seemed to have been assigned randomly, resulting in men being given female pronouns and vice versa. No reports of gender-neutral pronouns were observed.

Interestingly, this change occurred just after the State Department publicly celebrated “Interphobia Awareness Day,” as part of its efforts to promote gender inclusivity. Interphobia refers to prejudice against those who identify as intersex, falling outside the traditional male/female binary.

When approached for comment, the State Department referred to a tweet by spokesman Matthew Miller, who vaguely acknowledged the unintentional nature of the change. The State Department’s Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM) was aware of the issue and working to resolve it promptly.

Internal communications within the State Department acknowledged the “pronoun glitch” and recognized that many staff members were assigned incorrect gender pronouns. The IT team was working to fix the problem, but it could take up to an hour to reset the pronouns.

Despite the apology, employees were reportedly upset and confused by the sudden change, as it detracted from their actual work. Associated Press reporter Matthew Lee raised the issue during the department’s daily briefing, mentioning that he had received several emails from State Department employees with incorrect gender pronouns.

Steve Guest posted on Twitter:

WATCH: AP’s Matt Lee asks Biden State Department why they’ve added mandatory pronouns onto the from line on State Department emails.

“This is not an optional thing. … But the problem is that a lot of them or at least some of them so far, as I’ve been able to tell, are wrong! They’re giving the wrong pronouns! So men are being identified as women and women as men…. It’s ridiculous!”

In other words, Joe Biden’s government is a complete joke and we need a drastic change in 2024.

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