Biden got stuck on Air Force One after mishap

Harsh winter weather has seriously affected Joe Biden’s return to the White House after spending the holidays in Delaware. Workers at the Delaware Airport and those in Maryland where the President’s plane had to land needed to get the snow out of the runways. The stairs that are used to get out of the plane were also stuck in the snow, so Biden and his staff couldn’t get out for around 30 minutes.


This wasn’t the end of his troubles. Biden’s motorcade had to crawl through the streets that were covered in snow. Because of the rough weather, Biden was unable to fly from the airport to the White House by helicopter, according to NBC Washington. His motorcade had no choice but to use the snow-covered roads. Hundreds of people were left in their cars as a result of the terrible weather, which caused a few trucks with trailers to jackknife.

According to a media pool report, the motorcade avoided its usual routine and drove at roughly 20 mph for most of the trip. They had to take it slow because of a lot of vehicles that were stuck alongside the road. The President’s convoy had to stop for six minutes. The van transporting the media had difficulties getting through the slippery roads as well.

The White House canceled its daily news briefing. Only staff designated as emergency personnel was required to report to work at federal locations in the Washington area.

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Joe Biden had to organize a virtual event on Monday, trying to work with the administration to lower meat prices.

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