It was the late 1970’s and then Senator Joe Biden had voted in support of allowing racially segregated private schools to retain their tax exempt status. This vote came with quite the push-back from activists and civil rights groups. It also put Joe Biden in somewhat of a showdown or at odds with the Carter administration.

The year was 1979 and Biden was just one of the 54 senators who made the vote. They opted to keep what’s called the “‘Dornan rider’ —a provision that barred the IRS from revoking the tax-exempt status of segregated private schools, sometimes called “white flight academies,” that had appeared in the wake of the Supreme Court’s 1954 ruling integrating public schools.” (Free Beacon)

Biden might receive further criticism about this situation from years ago as he’s running for president. Not only that, but America is in the midst of a socially distanced and civil unrest amid protests stemming from racial reasons and inequalities.

Had Biden voted against allowing segregated schools to keep their tax statues, then perhaps Biden might be a champion for those fighting for racial justice.

Not every current Senator is happy with some of Joe Biden’s work or history, but many would like to be his Vice President candidate.

Based on Alana Goodman’s report, “during the Democratic primary, Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.), now a prospective vice-presidential candidate, took aim at Biden’s history on busing and called his work with pro-segregation senators “hurtful.” And while black southern voters helped propel Biden to the nomination, that support could be upended by the protest movement for racial justice sweeping the nation.”

Goodman continued, stating that “Sen. Jacob Javits (R., N.Y.), who introduced the amendment to strike the Dornan rider, argued at the time that segregated private schools “continue routinely to get tax exemption to which under law or morality they are not entitled.”

Joe Biden might find himself at odds with those looking for a better future for civil rights. Particularly, the ACLU might have an issue with his past votes, but time will tell when the election is nearby.

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