I’m not a biologist: Biden SCOTUS nominee refused to define what a ‘woman’ is

This week, conservatives were outraged when Defendant Ketanji Brown Jackson, the very first black woman to be nominated to the Supreme Court, refused to define the term “woman” because “I’m not a biologist,” as she put it.
Can you provide a definition for the term ‘woman,'” Jackson responded during a Tuesday discussion with Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn, who asked the DC Circuit Court of Appeals judge pointedly: “Can you provide a definition for the term ‘woman,’?”
“No, I can’t,” Jackson finally answered after a little back-and-forth. “Are you sure you can’t?” Blackburn had inquired. “Not in this situation.” “I’m not a scientist,” Jackson stated emphatically, per report.
Online clips of the conversation went viral, with critics pointing out Jackson’s refusal to acknowledge the basic truth.
Jackson’s retort, according to Piers Morgan, was “stupid.” “I’m not a brain surgeon, but I understand the concept of a brain.” “This is where ‘progressive’ thinking goes — to a fear of offending the awakened brigade by presenting simple unarguable truths,” he commented on Twitter.
“This does not have to be mentioned,” ex-Trump advisor Stephen Miller tweeted, “but if you don’t know what a woman is, you shouldn’t be in any position of responsibility – much alone deciding the fate of our nation’s highest court.”
“Certainly amusing to have a day of glowing tributes to Jackson being the first black woman nominated for the employment, nullified by Jackson saying she does not really know just what woman is,” Weekly Standard writer Dan McLaughlin tweeted, adding in a follow-up post: “The nineteenth Amendment lists sex as a forbidden basis for discriminatory practices against the right to vote, & abortion proponents sometimes make an argument that women having the predisposition to get pregnant means that equality for women requires a right to abortion.”
EDITOR’S NOTE: Ketanji Brown Jackson is unfit for the Supreme Court and it would be embarrassing if she got in. If you can’t define what it means to be a woman because you refuse to speak the truth, then you’re simply not fit.

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