Biden SCOTUS nominee seems surprised by Graham’s question; sparks debate (video)

President Joe Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States, Ketanji Brown Jackson, appears surprised at the questioned asked by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham during the Senate hearing.
WATCH the video:

Graham was questioning the SCOTUS nominee on her faith. Graham asked Ketanji Brown Jackson what her religion was and wanted her to declare it. She suggested Protestant, non-denominational.
Graham also asked if Ketanji Brown Jackson could fairly judge a Catholic. Ketanji Brown Jackson began answering, saying that she has a record of judging people fairly, but Graham did the usual thing where he only wanted a yes or no answer and not any further statement to accompany the answer.
Graham also got into an argument with Dick Durbin, to which Graham walked away from his seat. Graham seemed like he no longer wanted to hear what Durbin was saying and could be seen on video walking out.
It appears that Sen. Lindsey Graham had a very busy day at the Senate hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson’s future with the Supreme Court of the United States. However, his question about Jackson’s faith sparked a debate on social media.
Should Graham be asking about faith during a SCOTUS Senate hearing? People on social media had various things to say, swaying from one end of the argument to the next.
Some suggested that no other employer would be able to ask that question in an interview due to privacy. How does it work with the Supreme Court nominees?

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