President Joe Biden withdrew from Afghanistan and was heavily criticized for things that went wrong, such as 13 American serviceworkers losing their lives in an attack – but one of Biden’s advisers referred to it as a safe and effective draw down.

During a speech on Friday, Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, claimed that the administration had carried out an effective and safe withdrawal from Afghanistan earlier this year.

A number of incidents contradict Sullivan’s claim that the administration “safely and effectively” exited the country. One of the most memorable ones surely includes killing seven Afghan children in a drone strike and images of cargo planes running over people on a runway. 

Abandoning American citizens after claiming he would leave the military on the ground until all Americans were out and abandoning tens of thousands of Afghan allies who assisted the U.S. exiting the country stand as strong proves that the administration move was far from adequate. Similar incidents just keep piling up as more people dig into the details.

Sullivan stood his ground at the Council on Foreign Relations, claiming that the strategic decision proved to be the right one. He continued by saying this was the first time in twenty years that there were no U.S. troops in Afghanistan during the holiday season. 

Sullivan’s claim about the administration’s safe and effective ways to deal with the situation seems somewhat controversial since thirteen U.S. soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack at Kabul’s airport. The soldiers were killed by a terrorist who escaped from Bagram prison after U.S. forces abandoned the area in response to Vice President Joe Biden’s orders to leave the country.

According to Firstpost, the jihadist, along with thousands of other dangerous terrorists detained in the high-security jail, walked free on 15 August, taking advantage of the turmoil that erupted in the aftermath of the U.S.’s hasty departure and the Taliban’s quick takeover of the entire country.

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