President Joe Biden gave Easter remarks and suggested people have a moral obligation to get “the shot” but did not mention the word “Jesus” during his remarks.

Biden himself is a Roman Catholic, so his lack of Jesus talk on a religious holiday may have caught many of his religious supporters off guard.

Easter is known to Christians and Catholics as the holiday in which Jesus Christ rose from the dead, essentially coming out of his own version of a lockdown.

As Fox News reports, it’s somewhat of a tradition for presidential figures to give an Easter address that commemorates the holiday and wraps up the weekend. However, Biden did not use this time to focus on the specifics of the holiday, despite former presidents taking time to acknowledge it.

As reported:

Traditionally, the president gives an Easter address on that Sunday to commemorate the holiday and Jesus. Biden’s most recent predecessors, former President Barack Obama and former President Donald Trump, had each mentioned Jesus Christ in their messages.

Biden, however, broke this streak on Sunday in his remarks from the White House Blue Room balcony.

The president actually mentioned the “Easter Bunny” in his remarks, but left out the religious reason behind the holiday. Biden only mentioned any sort of “resurrection” once.

Some religious supporters of President Joe Biden may have been let down by this. Fox News stated that Biden only mentioned “God” when it was near the end of his address and he asked God to bless Americans, troops, and to “take care of the Easter Bunny.”

Biden did mention the “resurrection and renewal” one time.

Fox News wanted Biden’s administration to comment on the situation and they directed Fox News to an op-ed. Biden mentions Jesus in this, but it does not have the same impact as an Easter remark that might be viewed on television or social media.

Biden does mention Jesus in the op-ed, but the religious figure was not a primary focus of Biden’s Easter remarks.

WATCH Joe Biden’s Easter remarks here:

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