Former White House doctor says Biden’s cognitive issues could be ‘national security issue’

President Biden’s intellectual abilities have diminished to the point under which they present a “national security threat,” according to a former White House physician. One example of Biden’s mumbling and possible cognitive issues happened the other day when he said something incoherent.
WATCH JOE BIDEN speak incoherently on video:

Rep. Ronny Jackson, a Texas Republican, suggested that President Biden take a mental acuity test, saying that his mental ability has clearly worsened at a time when the threat of a war with Russia demands a sharp US president.
Mr. Jackson, who served as President Trump’s White House physician, cautioned, “I’m not trying to make a diagnosis.” “However, I believe the entire world is aware that he is having difficulties.” He’s having cognitive troubles,” as stated in a report.
“Having a commander-in-chief and a head of state who is having these issues is not a good time.” Something is going on, I believe… At this point, it’s a national security issue,” he told John Hines of One America News in an informal interview published Wednesday.
Mr. Hines inquired a second time if “his cognitive abilities have national security implications?” and the doctor furthered his claims.
“Sure, take a look at what’s going on…” Mr. Jackson responded, “If you have cognitive issues in that position, it’s going to become a national security issue one way or another.”
The Texan did point out that he has been saying this ever since he was a candidate ” I don’t think he’s mentally fit to be president”.
Mr. Biden’s propensity for slow speech and gaffes, he said, has become obvious and dangerous in recent trips to Poland, where he called for political change in Russia and seemed to tell American troops that they’d soon be facing Russian troops.
“The American public has seen this on display many times over the years. “With each passing day, my concern grows,” he said.
Mr. Biden did not have a cognitive test performed and the results were released during his last physical exam, according to Mr. Jackson.

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