Biden on CNN, says “where I taught” – despite not teaching classes

Former Vice President Joe Biden was on CNN talking to Anderson Cooper and made a comment about “where I taught” – despite not teaching any regular classes. This comment refers to the University of Penn who DID hire Joe Biden as a professor, however his time there was spent making appearances.

Biden was paid upwards of $775,000 to do so.

To show this, we look back at a local Philadelphia based news site named Philly Mag who wrote about this. Their story, titled “Penn Paid Joe Biden $775,000 to Expand Its “Global Outreach” … and Give Some Speeches” raised a lot of eyebrows.

Sadly, Joe Biden made more money than a lot of people and it was mostly for UPenn to acquire his “status” as vice president.

From Philly Mag, they said about his financial disclosures:

According to Biden’s recent financial disclosures — released in keeping with the “tradition” (ahem) of presidential candidates sharing their tax returns — he’s made $15.6 million over the past two years. Penn’s contribution to that total was $776,527, or just shy of $390,000 a year. In 2017, by contrast, the average annual salary for everyday full professors at Penn — excluding high-earners like doctors who don’t usually teach — was $214,000.

And here is Joe Biden suggesting that he taught classes, but there’s currently no record of Biden teaching any classes at UPenn.

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