Biden gets booed during Congressional Baseball Game

President Joe Biden was booed by GOP fans during the Congressional baseball game. Biden made a surprise visit to the game, but was met with a handful of boos from the Republican fans.


The boos appeared to take place after Biden stopped in, took some selfies, signed some autographs onto baseballs, passed out some ice cream, and then went towards the Republican dugout. Biden also received some cheers from Democrat fans and talked to Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the Democrats dugout, as reported.

One guy is so excited that he yells, “JOE YOU SUCK!”


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These boos are nothing compared to the chants college students are saying during college football games.

Those students are unloading on the president, shouting “f-ck Joe Biden” and doing the five clap chorus on it. And, that’s been happening like almost every week. Seems like some folks just don’t like the guy.

But hey, that’s another story for another day!

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