Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden and already pushing free college

Failed candidate Bernie Sanders has officially endorsed Joe Biden and they went on live video to chat. Bernie Sanders was already pushing for free college for the generations coming up.


Biden suggests proposing canceling student debt for people who were abused by private colleges. He makes a point because some colleges keep raising their tuition while offering nothing extra in return and that should be capped at some point.

One way to drop the student debt is to simply lower the interest rates to 1-2% so students can make bigger payments that aren’t mostly interest.

Biden and Sanders, surprisingly, were able to get the video stream to work this time. Biden was criticized in the past for not having his streams work the best. Also, Joe Biden appears to have stayed awake for the duration of the conversation with Bernie Sanders.

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Bernie Sanders though, posted that he wants to “defeat the most dangerous president in modern history” as part of his message stating his he will join Joe Biden for a “special announcement.”

At some point Joe Biden appears to transition from talking about college loans and private tuition rates to undocumented immigrants and Iraq and structural racism.

He appeared to be a bit all over the place as he touched on numerous topics with very little transition.

Biden says he believes there’s a great opportunity to work together in accomplishing their main goals.

They will create groups to focus on some of their main goals, which Biden addresses in the video.

He then tells Bernie Sanders that he appreciates his friendship.

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