Baseball could see 76 game season, reduced salary for players

A baseball season is not out of the question, but negotiations haven’t gotten very far.


As of now, the Major League Baseball (MLB) and Players Association (MLBPA) are talking about a different schedule and salary for this summer. The league has suggested a shortened 76-game schedule that would be done in the end of September and the playoffs over by the end of October.

They also want the players to take a salary reduction of 25%. So in all, a 76-game season, playoffs, and players getting only 75% of their salary. The MLB also offered playoff money (pool) and “no MLB draft pick compensation for signing players” per CBS Sports.

One of the previous offers was for a 114-game season and a longer playoffs, but that was rejected.

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One of the main issues that the MLB and MLBPA have is negotiating the player salaries.

One point the MLB made about having players take a salary cut is that many games might be played in a stadium with no fans. In theory, a stadium without fans will generate a lot less revenue for the team, therefore leading most to believe that player salaries will be harder to pay. If less money is coming in, then theoretically, and realistically, less money goes out.

Mike Axisa from CBS Sports posted this message involving some possible offers and scenarios that the MLB and MLBPA might negotiate:

CBS Sports also stated that the “MLB previously offered a “sliding scale” proposal and reportedly would pay prorated salaries in a 50-game season.”

Speaking from the side of the MLBPA was Evan Drellich. He reported that the MLBPA said the MLB’s recent offer was actually worse than before.

As of now, there is no confirmed solution, but they are negotiating.

It all comes down to two things – safety and money.

Photo by Phil Goodwin

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