‘B1DNSUX’ and ‘JAN 6 DC’ license plates somehow got approved, similar requests denied

Two license plates caught on photograph must have gotten by the censors at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles as they made it through and found themselves on the back of people’s vehicles.


One license plate spotted in Ohio said ‘JAN 6 DC’ which was a protest to Joe Biden winning the 2020 election against Donald Trump.

The woman who photographed it sent an email to NBC4 saying: “I was shocked to see an Ohio vanity license tag clearly supporting the January 6th insurrection, a shameful event that has resulted in many participants being charged with crimes — misdemeanors and felonies –including charges of seditious conspiracy against the United States Government. How this could be approved by the Ohio BMV is beyond me. I was also disturbed that anyone would drive around blatantly showing such disrespect for the rule of law, but I guess that’s where we live now.”

Another license plate was spotted in Delaware. It was on a truck and it said ‘B1DNSUX’ as seen on the report.

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Further stated in the report: “this isn’t the first time political opinions have circumvented the censors. In 2017, an Ohio woman was able to get a covfefe license plate, based on then-President Donald Trump’s mysterious tweeted typo. A spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Public Safety confirmed the plates were in circulation. Repeated requests as to how plates are refused or approved did not receive a reply. There was also no reply as to why these two plates were approved for circulation while hundreds of others, such as FKB1DN, were not.”

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