Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has spoken out and defends the efforts of protesters calling for the demand to defund the police amid the George Floyd protests. The calls for defunding police stem from the far-left as they suggest it is a way to go against police brutality and even racial injustice.

However, it appears defunding police would simply be a monetary hit and would likely not change anything. Either way, Ocasio-Cortez is still making her case and support known to the protesters. She did this during a debate.

But the voice of AOC does not go unmatched. She is likely to face heavy criticism from those who do not support defunding police, which includes people who still want an end to injustice, but do not feel taking funding away from the police department is the way to attain that.

AOC followed suit and echoed the demands of Black Lives Matter to put more money into the community, social services, education, and housing. That could still be attained without defunding police if the people who manage the city budget would allocate more to those programs, and perhaps less from something else that does not involve taking funds away from people who are designated front-line workers.

More opposition to AOC’s statement will come from Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Congressional Black Caucus, both of whom do not support efforts to defund the police.

AOC has been a voice of progressives, but her views are often met with heavy opposition from the other side of politics.

Spectrum News has AOC on video:

AOC supports demand to defund police at Trending Views

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