Antonio Brown slams social justice warrior and failed quarterback, Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick does not appear to be a victim, according to Antonio Brown. Kaepernick hasn’t played in the NFL ever since the 2016 season and Antonio Brown is likewise unlikely to return. However, the former great receiver believes Kaep has not been mistreated. Despite not playing football, he believes he has been treated fairly.


“He’s been well-treated.” He has a Netflix documentary going. Do not get it mixed up… They didn’t allow him to play sports, to be sure. He was given advertising. During an interview with @ThisIs50, Brown remarked, “They gave him cash.”

“Where is he right now?” he continued. Do you happen to notice him? Every day, I’m out on the streets,” as reported.

”It’s worth noting that while AB called Kaepernick a fine man, he clearly doesn’t believe the former 49ers quarterback is a great victim, as the media loves to portray him.

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Everyone wants to believe that Kaepernick was unfairly targeted and that he is still a top quarterback. That is plainly utter nonsense.

What makes me think it’s nonsense? Matthew Stafford knelt down for the national anthem and recently won a Super Bowl with the Rams, as I previously stated. Nobody cares about your views on the national anthem if you’re skilled enough to create plays.

The issue is that Kaep isn’t good enough, yet he managed to make money off the field! So don’t expect me to shed tears for him!”

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