Man was putting Anti-Biden stickers on gas pump, gets reaction from police (video)

After reportedly putting anti-Biden stickers on a gas station, a Pennsylvania man was detained and charged with resisting police, disorderly conduct, disturbance, and criminal mischief, according to ABC27.


Thomas Richard Glazewski can be seen on film uttering expletives and “I did it.” That’s what I did. That’s exactly what I did,” referring to anti-Biden bumper stickers.

Glazewski, 54, allegedly sprayed the stickers with a chemical that made them impossible to remove, according to a gas station employee.

During his arrest, authorities had to push a resistant Glazewski into a police car, according to the video posted on Facebook of the event, as stated in a report.

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Aaron Phillips wrote: “MUST WATCH! Happened today at Turkey Hill located on Columbia Ave in Lancaster, PA. 03/31/22 at about 12:50PM.

This guy stuck stickers on a gas pump, got yelled at by a clerk for doing so and went crazy afterwards. Shout out to Manor Township Police Department, East Hempfield and Manheim township for handling the situation quickly and correctly!

The guy admits he stuck the stickers there, he “chased after the camera” and got to where he is now…The build up was just him yelling and flipping out at the clerk for him putting the sticker on the pump. Enjoy.

You do not have any rights to claim these videos or the photo as your own without my permission. Documented and filmed by Aaron Philips.”

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