Andrew Cuomo gets about $4,219 in monthly pension checks amid scandals and accusations: report

Former NY gov Andrew Cuomo is collecting just over $4,200 in pension checks amid his scandals and accusations.


A spokesman for the New York comptroller’s office said: “Andrew M. Cuomo’s gross monthly retirement benefit with the New York State and Local Retirement System has been finalized and is $4,219.11. He received his first pension payment in October of 2021.”

The former Governor faces a charge for a misdemeanor crime in Albany, stemming from the sexual misconduct scandal that forced Cuomo to resign earlier this year. Cuomo also faces allegations that he improperly used Executive Chamber staff to write his book about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pension beneficiaries who are convicted of a felony can have their benefits stripped, according to the New York comptroller’s office.

But Cuomo says that he did nothing wrong, and he is currently not facing any charges, as it is not clear whether any further charges against Cuomo are possible from either scandal.

Rita Glavin, Cuomo’s attorney said when the charge was initially filed: “Governor Cuomo has never assaulted anyone, and Sheriff Apple’s motives here are patently improper.”

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Spokesman Rich Azzopardi commented on the book project, saying: “People who volunteered on this project did so on their own time.”

This video came out around his resignation:


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