Anderson Cooper, the host of “Anderson Cooper 360,” will start hosting a new weekly show called “The Whole Story” starting April 16. The show will cover a single topic for an hour and feature other CNN journalists. According to Variety, the show will cover news from around the world and go behind the headlines.

Chris Licht, the CEO, said the show would bring viewers into the heart of the essential stories of our time. The program will be produced by Cooper’s current producer, Susan Chun, said the report.

The first episode of “The Whole Story” will focus on the current state of San Francisco, with CNN anchor Sara Sidney serving as a guest to cover the issues facing the city.

Upcoming episodes of Anderson Cooper’s new show will cover topics such as the link between Johnson & Johnson’s talc baby powder and cancer, the psychedelic effects of psilocybin, and migrants seeking asylum. The show’s CEO, Chris Licht, highlighted CNN’s unmatched global journalism operation as the driving force behind “The Whole Story.”

CNN has experienced a decline in viewership in recent months, with Cooper’s show seeing a drop of around 38% compared to last year. With “The Whole Story,” the network hopes to offer viewers a new and compelling way to engage with important issues around the world.

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