Amy Schumer claims she’s triggered and traumatized by Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

Will Smith smacking Chris Rock over a joke he made became the greatest news story in America starting Sunday night when it happened. News anchors, celebrities, and everyday people have all chimed in on the #slapgate controversy and taken sides. However, after a few days, people are starting to move on, with the exception of Amy Schumer.



This 40-year-old stand-up comic was one of three candidates to host the Academy Awards in 2022, and she’s still reeling from Smith’s assault on Rock on national television.

Schumer expressed her feelings about the situation on Instagram. She acknowledged that the incident had “shocked and traumatized” her and that she was “waiting for this awful sensation to go away after what we all experienced.”

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“I believe that everyone can agree that viewing my show and seeing me on tour this fall is the best way to understand what occurred,” she wrote.

But this is really genuine. I am still traumatized and triggered. I adore my pal @chrisrock and feel he dealt with the situation admirably. The whole thing was extremely unsettling because he stayed up there and delivered an Oscars to his pal @questlove. I’m still shocked, surprised, and sorry that @willsmith is in so much suffering. My cohosts and I are both really proud of ourselves. But, yes. “Waiting for the horrible sensation from what we’ve all witnessed to go away,” per report.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re still waiting for Amy Schumer to have a funny joke, something she’s never done before.

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