Someone changed Amber Heard’s name to ‘Amber Turd’ on IMDb

UPDATE: it got fixed to say Amber Heard again.


Amber Heard’s surname, if not her face, is soiled amidst the Johnny Depp trial, at least as shown in a Google search and the National Movie Archive itself.

Indeed, it looks that AH’s official name has been changed to “Amber Turd” anywhere within IMDb’s CMS, as it displays when you Google her. This is what appeared in the search results on her IMDb page as of Saturday noon.

When you visit her profile on the website, though, her surname is spelled correctly. The typo of ‘Turd’ shows on both mobile and desktop, so it’s not a one-off. It appears that this was a purposeful modification made… yet it’s unclear who is to blame, reported TMZ.

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As we previously stated, we believe this is an IMDb fault instead of a Google issue, and we’ve contacted the firm (which is held and run by Amazon) for a response. The IMDb mistake was initially revealed by Reel 360 News.

In any event, this prank is obviously motivated by the notorious “delivery” that was allegedly left after one of Johnny & Amber’s arguments during her birthday celebrations in 2016. When Johnny returned, he claims he discovered a massive chunk of poo on his bed.

Amber has consistently protested culpability, claiming that one of their tiny dogs did it… but JD has cried BS on her, as has 1 of his security officers, who testified that Amber informed him on the trip to Coachella the following day that it was a “terrible practical joke gone awry.”

Johnny talked about this a few weeks ago, calling it absurd and disgusting but obviously finding some fun in the strange memory.

As ridiculous as the poop tale appears to be as popular as it is on the internet, it might prove crucial during Amber’s cross-examination. The truth is, it all boils down to reliability and believability — and if she repeats her dog story, she may lose credibility with the jury since no one believes doo-doo originated from anything other than a person.

The more this trial proceeds, the more it tends to resemble a he-said-she-said scenario… and any impression of fabrication might be catastrophic. However, the public has spoken on the issue of feces.

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