Amazon Game Studios released a breakdown on their upcoming MMORPG, New World. The comprehensive breakdown is solely on how the character progression works. 

As reported by Games Radar and New World, the progression is divided into three categories; Core Attributes, Trade Skills, and Weapon Mastery. In GR’s report, Amazon Game Studios described the CA as a point system, which they’ve stated, will, “ultimately govern a large part of how powerful you are relative to the various hostile creatures and other players in Aeternum.” 

The Core Attributes, as stated on the website, is divided into 5; Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution. For strength, it depends on your power with melee weapons. Dexterity relies on your effectiveness with ranged weapons. Intelligence is your power with magical weapons. Focus, however, is determined by your Mana recovery rate and cooldown time. The constitution is your health. 

Trade Skills, according to the website, is “Trade Skills make up a variety of non-combat skills that you can master. There are 4 Gathering Skills, 5 Refining Skills, and 7 Crafting Skills.” All in all, these three categories have 16 skills. 

The four gather skills comprise of Mining, Skinning, Logging, and Harvesting. The five refining skills are Smelting, Stonecutting, Woodworking, Tanning, and Weaving. Lastly, the seven crafting skills are Weaponsmithing, Armoring, Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Arcana, Cooking, and Furnishing.

In their website, the seven crafting skills were stated as:

  • Weaponsmiths craft melee weapons.
  • Armorers craft soft and hard armors.
  • Jewelcrafters craft trinkets.
  • Engineers craft ranged weapons and ammunition.
  • Arcanists craft potions, tinctures, and magical weapons.
  • Cooks craft meals and drinks.
  • Furnishers craft furniture, storage, and trophies for houses.

Weapon Mastery is standard fare, as many MMOs. In this game, every weapon comes with WP and with two distinct skill trees. As reported by GR, weapons have active abilities, passive modifiers, and bonuses. To gain these, you must defeat your opponents to gain XP. 

New World is reported to be in its Alpha Stage. It was supposed to be released last month. However, due to the pandemic, workers were forced to telecommute.

New World will be in closed beta in July. 

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