Amazon’s ‘Hunters’ Show Comes With Warnings

Amazon's 'Hunters' Show Comes With Warnings 1

Watching Al Pacino lead a team designed to take out NAZI’s is a lot more fun to watch than I expected. The characters intermingle well, the action is solid, and Jerrika Hinton is a total badass in her hunt for the truth.

Within the first 30 seconds you’ll be hooked as a Congressman takes out his family and friends after a guest exposes him as a NAZI.

After taking out his family, the man has his friend come over, shoot him in the arm, and he pretends he was attacked.

At that point, I was drawn in because I wanted to know what happened next.

And that’s exactly why I’m on episode four and can’t stop watching.

I’m a huge fan of movies where it’s small groups of characters who I like watching together. Now keep in mind that most of the actors in this series are fairly unknown except for Al Pacino, but they hold their own.

This is absolutely a breakout performance for Logan Lerman as he portrays Jonah Heidelbaum, the young and intelligent, yet completely amateur hunter who’s on a mission for revenge after watching his grandmother be shot in her own living room.

Add the shooting of one of his best friends, when a NAZI came looking for him, and he’s now got the rage of a million people seeking revenge and his energy, and anger, shines through.

But here comes darkness.

Greg Austin’s character, Travis Leich, is a young Hitler supporter and complete badass himself. This guy is sick, ruthless, and precise. He bashes three faces in with a bowling ball and forces a politician to change his mind on a big decision.

He’s looking for Jonah, but the FBI is too  – and he’s definitely more dangerous than they are.

How this ends, I still have no idea – but I hooked on this murderous drama that has me wondering if things like this happen in real life.

And you know what, I wouldn’t be surprised.

But don’t worry. There’s enough comic relief from Josh Radnor’s character, Lonny Flash, who so badly wants to be a Hollywood actor and he puts on a great show.

Let me just tell you this – Lonny Flash caught me off guard really good and I did not see it coming.

Amazon’s ‘Hunters’ Show Comes With Warnings

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